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Next Gen C-ITS Use-Cases

"Accident ahead!" - ASFINAG warnings are displayed directly in the vehicle using C-ITS

A new generation of intelligent and connected vehicles is already driving on our roads, communicating with ASFINAG´s C-ITS units as they pass by it. The vehicles use WLAN to obtain an update on roadworks and hazards for the next few kilometers and display a warning before the danger zone. Drivers are thus warned in good time and can master the traffic situation without any problems.

Sending signals from ASFINAG´s traffic control center to vehicles via C-ITS roadside untits approaching danger zones


In September 2023, the final test drive with a Volkswagen (ID.7) took place on the highway around Salzburg. The result:

ASFINAG is ready for the future!


From left to right: Peter Meckel, Program Manager C-ITS (MSG ITS), Jannis Fritz (Volkswagen), Daniel Tötzl and Gerald Matzka (Yunex Traffic), Patrick Wunderl, Service Manager C-ITS (ASFINAG ITS)


What does such a hazard warning look like in the vehicle?

If you drive towards a danger zone, you will hear an acoustic warning tone and the corresponding symbol will appear on the vehicle display (= information, displayed orange). The countdown to the event counts down.



A warning tone sounds again in good time before the danger zone and the corresponding warning is shown in red on the display (= warning, displayed red).


Where do the hazard warnings come from?

The hazard warnings are recorded in ASFINAG's traffic event management system by the operators in charge. C-ITS runs fully automatically in the background. If a new traffic event is recorded, the event is translated into the corresponding C-ITS warning and disseminated to the surrounding road side units. Passing vehicles "collect" these warnings and display them as required.

ASFINAG traffic event management system C-ITS central unit VW ID.7 Cockpit
Operator in charge creates event

C-ITS central unit converts event automatically in background to   DENM-HLN

C-ITS roadside units send warnings to vehicles

What's next?

While the second generation of intelligent cars is now rolling off the production line, work is already underway on the next generation. For example, this should be able to display digital traffic signs in the vehicle - without the error-proneness of current camera-based systems - or use highly accurate data to support lane-specific traffic guidance. A series launch is expected in 2025/2026.

Thanks to IVIM (In-Vehicle Information Message), the display in the vehicle shows the same as the overhead displays, e.g. speed limits, overtaking restrictions or other prohibition signs and additional texts ("in 500m")


If you would like to find out more about C-ITS, you can watch our video below or check out the latest news artiecles!


Contact Information

Patrick Wunderl

Service Manager C-ITS / CCAD

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH