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C-ROADS R1.7 (6. Aug. 2020)

Based on the cooperation with the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, the harmonised CITS specifications focus on I2V (Infrastructure-to-Vehicle) communication, providing high level C-ITS Day-1 services that are profiled in line with the EC Phase 1 C-ITS Deployment Platform report:

  • RWW - Road Works Warning
  • IVS – In Vehicle Signage
  • OHLN – Other Hazardous Location Notifications
  • GLOSA – Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory.

The published specifications form the basis for the roll-out of infrastructure driven C-ITS services all across Europe and will be extended with each new release. First ITS-G5 Implementations are already operational in several C-Roads Platform Member States and will be updated accordingly in the course of the C-Roads implementation initiative.

The harmonised communication profile for C-ITS services is publicly available and can be requested via the C-ROADS website.

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