To increase the safety on the road, bringing more conformable and predicting traveling and improve the environmental footprint of our transport system for the benefit of our European Citizens.


Our main objective as "C-ITS Deployment Group" is to enhance safety and traffic flow on europe´s motor- and expressways.

Our contribution to this new era of cooperative and connected mobility is the deployment of C-ITS across europe with a common and aligned agreement of all supporters.

The „C-ITS Deployment Group“ consists of various supporters of different sectors, like road operators, who enables C-ITS on their motor- and expressways, industry and OEM manufacturers, who manufacture C-ITS components or assemble C-ITS components in their vehicles and further products, research facilities who continuosly evolve and test C-ITS as well as cities, member states and other national authorities, who support the development and expansion of C-ITS as a area-wide digital service.

Therefore we share common interests in interoperability of C-ITS as a service and provide a platform for all supporters to discuss, improve and share information about C-ITS activities.

We as „C-ITS Deployment Group“ share our knowledge and expertise with our partners about how C-ITS can be rolled out from an infrastrucutre perspective and how the interaction with C-ITS enabled vehicles and devices can be accomplished.