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The main goal of ICT4CART is to design, implement and test in real-life conditions a versatile ICT infrastructure that will enable the transition towards higher levels of automation (up to L4) addressing existing gaps and working with specific key ICT elements, namely hybrid connectivity, data management, cyber-security, data privacy and accurate localisation. ICT4CART builds on high-value use cases (urban and highway), which will be demonstrated and validated in real-life conditions at the test sites.

ICT4CART project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The project consists of 21 partners from nine EU countries, united in their vision to build a sustainable future for connected and automated vehicles.

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INFRAMIX is about hybrid traffic: Automated vehicles and ‚analogue‘ ones will co-exist on Europe’s road for a foreseeable amount of time and road operators will need to find ways to manage traffic of automated and non-automated vehicles and make traffic flow. INFRAMIX is about hybrid communication: how to make different types of communication work together and co-exist.

The report INFRAMIX published on the demonstrations is clear: ITS-G5 works, it’s interoperable and performed without any problems. The concept for regular LTE communication requires further work.

Projects like INFRAMIX are important, since they offer an independent insight into how technologies perform and offer stakeholders to compare what is available on the market. Considering the immense amount of expectation that industry is building up around automated driving and connectivity technologies a neutral check is essential.

Another major outcome of the project is the successful testing of the after next "Day 2"-C-ITS-Services. This generation of C-ITS messages is already thinking about driving behavior and traffic management for a time when a large number of vehicles will be able to use such additional services. Some of these vehicles will even be fully autonomous by then.

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